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We do not destroy the land because the land is where the herbs are to help us to cure people.

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 Dare to Relax with Essential Oils  

is a Canadian Business   

Our blends are made by Certified Aromatherapist - Clare Brietzke, owner and operator of Dare to Relax with Essential Oils.  We also make and label our products in Canada and get most of our supplies from Canada.

All ingredients are Organic & Unrefined.  All Essential Oils are GC/MS tested at a lab in France.

No chemicals, No sodium lauryl or laureth sulfates, No alcohol, No petroleum-based products, paraben Free, No synthetic ingredients or fragrances, mineral oil Free


We only make small batches of product. Why? We only use organic unrefined carrier oils, so without preservatives in the oil, the oils are pure and in their natural state. However, this comes with a shorter shelf life and possible faster oxidation. Small sizes allow only small amounts of oxygen in your product bottle as you use it, and that slows down the oxidation of the product. Your products stay fresh longer, and you will find that our products do go a long ways.



 is the practice of using essential oils to enhance our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.  Fragrant plants and trees such as Lavender, Peppermint,
Neroli, Balsam Fir, Roman/German Chamomile and many others have mysterious therapeutic qualities. Essential oils can be incorporated into your everyday life and can create simple yet dramatic change in one’s sense of well-being.

 Essential oils contain the true essence of the plant it was derived from. Modern scientific research has prove that essential oils are potent with remarkable medical properties. These substances are very complex in their molecular structure and very powerful. The essential oil of oregano, for example, is twenty-six times more powerful as an antiseptic than phenol, which is the active ingredient in many commercial cleaning materials.

 Aromatherapy can help those: Recovering from surgery or cancer, sinusitis, dealing with a loved one in extended care or palliative care, shingles, bronchitis, infections, eczema & cold/flu.

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